The fundamentals of Posture and Movement


Before we can understand how to correct movement, posture and exercise techniques, firstly we need to appreciate the fundamentals of posture and movement.

The fundamentals can be classified into 8 patterns, we call them The BIG 8:

Brace: The ability to create tension and maintain a position. Bracing is a vital part of maintaining posture both statically and dynamically.

Hinge: Bending at the hips while keeping the knees straight and maintaining a neutral spine.

Squat: Bending at the hips, knees and ankles while maintaining a neutral spine.

Lunge: Single leg exercises that work the legs independently from one another (unilateral).

Push: Pushing with the upper body.

Pull: Pulling with the upper body. The deadlift exercise is often categorized as “Pull” (pulling from the floor). However, the deadlift can be better categorized as a hinge exercise as the emphasis is on hip extension.

Rotate: Rotation is primarily performed at the hips and shoulders (ball and socket joints) and at the spine through a series of facet joints. These structures can work in isolation or together to produce larger rotational actions.

Gait: Walking, running and carries.

All physical training involves the progressive development of these fundamental movement patterns.

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